• How to hang dibond/glass/p.o.s. advertisements?

    Stick a double SELF ADHESIVE MULTIHOOK on the back of the plate/dibond/acrylic-photo, 1 or 2 hangers is enough!

    Stick a self-adhesive FOAM DISTANCE HOLDER on every corner of the object, this will give you 13mm space between the wall, you can use 2 pieces on TOP of each other to enlarge the distance to 26mm! Gives your object a great 3D effect!

  • How to hang an object flexible?

    If you want to hang your objects flexible without drilling holes over and over, the best way to do it is to use a PICTURE HANGING SYSTEMS. You have 2 options. You can hang it on a ceiling rail or on a wall rail.

  • How to hang your object in the middle of a space?

    If you must hang your object on a STEEL ceiling strip (f.e. suspended ceiling in shop/supermarket/shop window) you can use the MAGNETIC CEILING HANGER.

    If you have a NON-STEEL ceiling strip, use the CEILINGCLAMPER which you clamp on the strip of the suspended ceiling.

  • How to hang objects on a (steep) ceiling/shop window?

    If you want to hang the object on a concrete ceiling, on a wall, steep ceiling OR shop window , you can use the SOLOHANGER. This is a perfect tool to hang object till 20kg.

  • How to hang an object on a suspended ceiling to the wall?

    If you want to hang it on you suspended ceiling, close to the wall, you can use the CEILING HANGER. You easily slide the ceiling hanger over the strip of your suspended ceiling; easy, save and flexible!

  • How to hang an object on a steel surface?

    If you want to hang an object on a steel wall/steel cupboard or any steel surface, just use the MAGNETIC HANGING HOOK.

  • How to hang posters/advertisements?

    To hang a poster or drawing you can use the POSTERSNAP, it is an aluminium clamper set to hold the poster straight without damaging. The upper site has to hanging points, available in different lengths from 50cm till 120cm.

  • How to hang small objects/drawings/tiles?

    To hang small objects/drawings/tiles, the tile self-adhesive tile hanger is the perfect solution! It only goes to 200 gram. For heavy duty, please use the multihook.

  • How to hang drawings/notes/orders?

    To hang drawings/postcards/notes/orders and any kind of paper, use the INFORAIL available in different lengths from 50cm there is no limit to the length as each rail can be connected to the next!

    Very useful for schools/offices/hospitals/restaurants/garages or just in your own home and kitchen!

  • How to present round or oval plates?

    To hang precious plates or any round object, the PLATEHANGER helps you to hang your plate safely and simply!

    If you want to present your plate on a table of showcase, this contemporary designed PLATE STANDARD is the perfect solution.

  • How to hang objects in your exhibition booth?

    To hang your objects on a wall of an exhibition booth or on a panel, you ALWAYS have trouble, cause you are not allowed to drill in these walls! If you use these PANELHOOKS you problems are over!

    These panelhooks you clamp on top of the wall combined with the perlon with loop and a hanging hook you have the right the tool to hang any object without drilling; save, simple and fast!

  • How to hang objects on a panel wall?

    If the walls in your exhibition booth or shop has variable thicknesses, this FLEXIBELE PANELHOOK is the perfect solution. It works for panels with a thickness between 11 and 55mm. Also in combination with a perlon with loop.

  • How to hang glass plates on the wall?

    Always a problem hanging a glass plate on the wall? These GLASS PLATE CLAMPS made of transparent plastic are very suitable to hang photo’s, glass or any plates from 1,5mm till 16mm. You have to nail them to the wall with a small 1,3mm nail.

  • How to hang a whiteboard on a hanging system?

    If you want to hang a whiteboard/pin board/heavy object on a hanging system, you can use the STABILISATION SET. This set you screw on the back of the board; the 2 self-locking grippers on the lower side and the other 2 holders up.

    It give you a stable and secure solution and you hang the board flexible. The stabilisation has a capacity for objects till 30kilo!

  • How to hang a whiteboard on a steel surface?

    If you want to hang a whiteboard on a steel surface steel wall, you can use the MAGNETIC POWER BLOCKS (self-adhesive). These strong magnetic block can be sticked with the strong self adhesive tape on the back of the whiteboard like instructions below. Please clean surface well!

  • How to hang a name card besides a painting on display?

    If you want to hang a name- and price tag besides the paintings you put on display, the transparent self-adhesive EXPO TAG is a nice and clever solution. It has benefit of not needing to stick name tags on walls (which can be damaged with traces of glue) and is also helpful for temporary exhibitions for pictures displayed on easels (where there is no wall behind them).

  • How to hang and stabilise a painting in an open space?

    Art hung away from a wall can look very stylish and these STABILISING WEIGHTS maximise stability and minimise swing.

    The weights stabilise frames on perlon or steelcable.

  • How to hang photo’s/drawings on a hanging system?

    To display drawings or unframed photo’s on a perlon or a steel cable of a hanging system, these PHOTOCLIPS are a perfect solution, it works like a sort of paperclip which you clamp on the cord and which can easily be moved up and down!

    You can also use it with the SOLOHANGER.

You can also download our pdf file: "18 Great solutions to hang objects flexible and secure!"



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